Raku Animals

On the left is Len`s spirit bear. The spirit bear is approx. 4 inches tall and 6 inches long, hand built, raku fired and decorated with beads, feathers and crystal medicine packs. The spirit horse is a beautiful stylized horse approx. 8 inches long from head to tail and 5 inches tall at the shoulder. Raku fired and embellished with beads, feathers and natural horse hair. Lens` spirit horse comes finished in the tradional copper glaze with white socks for an elegant look. Raku fired spirit horses are available head up or head down and with black or chestnut horse hair.

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Stone pony fetish horses are among the new sculptures available from Len Hughes. These little horses are much like the larger raku fired fetish horse but are smaller and high fired (2100) degrees. Stone ponies are approx. 4 inches tall and 4 inches long. They are decorated with real horse hair and share the same medicine beads as their larger raku stall mates. They come in various sizes so contact us for more information.

Stone Pony

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Lens` fetish horses. These horses are a delight to behold and make a great addition to any pottery collection. The designs are all southwest and have been stylized to produce smooth lines and comfortable proportions. All are embellished with decorative silver discs, turquoise, beads, stampings, suede and feathers that were traditionally used by past southwest cultures. This horse comes in 2 versions and sizes; head up and “grazing” head down. The small horse is depicted in this photo. The large is approx. 8 inches long and 5 inches at the withers.

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Len has developed a new and creative version of the desert tortoise. Lens` desert tortoise is inspired by her husbands Native American culture. It was believed by Native Americans that everything rode on the back of a turtle as we moved through the universe. This tortoise is raku fired in copper sand and decorated with beads, turquoise, feathers and has a felt bottom to protect the surface of whatever you choose to sit your tortoise on.

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